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Born in Maryland, but raised in Washington, DC , art has become a powerful influence in Robert Bennett's  life. As a child , he first started doing art to pass the time away. Growing up in the DMV Area,  Robert has done many forms of art  from Fine Arts to airbrushing on clothes and shoes building portfolios towards becoming a Freelance Artist and Designer. 

Robert attended the business and finance Academy in HD Woodson Senior High School from 1999 to 2003. He was hoping to attend Duke Ellington School of the Arts but wasn't sent an application to the third year in HD. Not being able to attend the Duke Ellington School of the Arts hurt me a little but Robert realized HD Woodson was the best place for me. Through attending the Academy he still had a great love for art and saw it as a wonderful way to learn about starting my own business, thinking to myself " when one door closes other doors open". At high school he learned about entrepreneurship and how to run a business and he put together both grants and business proposals.

Robert Bennett worked for two nonprofit organizations by the names of R.I.S.E Inc ( Reaching Inside for Self Esteem) Inc and Life Pieces to Masterpieces. In 1997 through to 2003 during the summer, he was first employed as a junior camp counselor who was in charge of arts and crafts activities. In 2000, his position was changed from Junior camp counselor to Peer Educator.  Being a peer educator, he still involved art in my work teaching children ages 5 and up about A.T.O.D (Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug) prevention. After High School he took some art classes and tending Montgomery College , where he  switched from Fine Arts to graphic design as a major. Graphic design was a subject in which he realized was in high demand plus it was more appealing to me. 

Soon after, he took a bit of time off from college tell my mother for my ailing grandfather. Still Robert became certified in customer service, accounts payable,  and hospitality attending the arts training center in southeast Washington DC in 2008 while looking for a job. As part of attending the certification classes, he completed the CD cover and which was part of a customer service certification project. Gift bags contain the CD with music for 2008 GED graduates and  the logo, invitation, welcome letter, and thank you letter for Hospitality certification. 


In 2008 to 2009 he started as a volunteer working with Life Pieces to Masterpieces. This is a non-profit art program for males ages 3 and up, encouraging young African-American boys to become responsible men accomplishing their goals in life and succeed in every aspect of life. Through volunteering, he grew to love how things were going at Life Pieces. There he became an art Mentor teaching children a new form of Art. Robert also assisted the art coordinator super supervised children helping them with their art projects. Before leaving life pieces, he took photos that were published in the 2009 philanthropy magazine. At this time my love for visual arts grew even more, he took what he learned working alongside the Life Pieces to Masterpieces family as he chose to go back to college and finish. 


Art has had a deep impact in my life, Robert  see art as my medicine/ meditation that helps me during stressful and frustrating aspects of life. Today, he customize sneakers, roller skates, women's shoes, airbrushing clothes, design logos for businesses and more.

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